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As a welcome diversion from an extremely productive period of growth, West Midlands based European Heathyards are opening their doors and inviting new and existing customers, engineering, manufacturing and procurement professionals alike to take a closer look at European Heathyards and its burgeoning manufacturing capabilities.

Our purpose built 110,000 sq ft facility has been captured on film to provide a behind the lens insight into the size and scope of European Heathyards high integrity welding, plate fabrication, tube manipulation and nuclear manufacturing operation.


Having undergone a stringent continuous improvement program that has seen European Heathyards attain ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 & 27001 we felt we had something notable to capture and share. We have also attained ASME U, S, PP & R stamps from the American Society for Mechanical Engineers, alongside BS EN 1090 pt2 execution of steel structures.

Over the past 12 months European Heathyards have also secured Fit For Nuclear (F4N) status alongside becoming an approved supplier to a world class engineering and nuclear manufacturing company.

Discover for yourself European Heathyards impressive 100 tonne lifting capability and comprehend just how and why we are capable of delivering 160,000 hours annual capacity.

To explore our full portfolio of capabilities check out our engineering, manufacturing and quality team and grab a glimpse of our new 10,000 sq ft clean nuclear manufacturing facility. Secure restricted biometric access may mean it is the last time you will see it!

About European Heathyards

European Heathyards are industry leaders in tube manipulation, plate fabrication and high integrity welding and are widely regarded as one of the UK’s most trusted fabricators of tube, plate and section structures.

Our manufacturing capabilities include an array of engineering services in a purpose built 110,000 sq ft combined workshop and storage facility with a lifting capacity of 100 tonnes.

European Heathyards have a demonstrable track record for delivering high integrity fabrication, welding & tube manipulation. We are also well established as a pressure parts manufacturer across a diverse range of business sectors.

As such our customer base has evolved to include global leaders in power generation, petrochemical, environmental, water and offshore sectors.

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