Tube manipulation employer marks 25 years

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A West Midlands based tube manipulation and plate fabrication employer has marked 25 years of loyal service for a select group of its employees.

For Production Supervisor Andy Harbour and Bending Operatives Paul Wootton, Dave Elwell and Mark Perry this year has been a time for congratulations as well as a year that has evoked a plethora of memories.

From the left of the picture: Paul Wootton (Bending Operative) Andy Harbour (Production Supervisor) Dave Elwell (Bending Operative) Mark Perry (Bending Operative)

Following an informative get together, Barry Nash, European Heathyards Managing Director presented each staff member with an engraved timepiece as a special memento of 25 years loyal service.


The four latest recruits to the ’25 year club’ join six others who have already achieved this notable milestone. Retirement has already beckoned for a handful of others who’ve demonstrated similar workplace loyalty, testimony to camaraderie that exists between all levels of staff according to Operations Director Craig Nash.

“European Heathyards prides itself on our low staff turnover. We are extremely appreciative of the loyalty and effort we get from each and every one of our employees but special mention is always reserved for those who achieve long service.

“Each of the recipients started as a trainee or apprentice and have gone on to become pivotal members of our workforce over the past 25 years. It gives us great pleasure to reward such loyalty and we look forwards to hosting many more similar occasions in the future.”

Brownhills based European Heathyards are widely regarded as one of the UK’s most trusted fabricators of tube, plate and section structures and have built an excellent reputation for manufacturing large scale pressure vessel parts that stretches back over four decades.

European Heathyards currently employ a workforce of more than 60 staff in 110,000 sq ft of combined workshop and storage space.

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